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Dark Messiah: Might and Magic

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 06:16 PM

Well yeah, I've bought this recently (although I've played through some of it before. but lost the files due to a Steam wipe ;_;) and after a few setting changes and patches, seem to have got it working well enough to get a fair bit through the game (I've stopped it crashing every 5 minutes atleast). In here is some info on the game for those who haven't played it, and info on my skill build (atm)

Anyway, so far I've got to Chapter 3, playing on Normal, and everything just seems to die quickly. The graphics are good looking on the medium setting (and still look good on low) and the engine is great, as it's an improved version of the Source engine, and the Combat is pretty awesome for how simple it is.

Combat is well done so you can use your environment in many ways, for example, kick enemies around into spikes or off cliff edges, and the enemies are pretty effective at doing the same back. To attack in melee you can either keep clicking and using quick, easily defended blows or hold down the left mouse button and, depending on whether your standing still or moving in a direction, you will use a power attack that deals high damage through the eemies parry.

For ranged combat you hold down to load and release to fire at where your aimed at and magic is practically point and click aslong as you have the mana.

You also have an 'Adrenaline' bar that fills up as you strike foes and once filled, if you use a power attack you will INSTANTLY kill thef oe you are fighting, in many different ways based on where you hit, atm I aim for the head for a decapitation.

The skill system is simple too, as you quest you obtain skill points for completing sections of the chapters, and you spend them on 3 different skill trees, Combat, Magic and Misc Skills.

At the moment, my skill build for Sareth (granted I'm partway through Chapter 3) is set up so I'm a 'Self Sustaining Warrior'. I have Level 2 on Melee and Ranged combating, allowing me to deal blows in combat effectively. I also have Telekinesis and Heal, which means I can restore my wounds if I get severely harmed in combat (which rarely happens atm) and with higher amounts of Mana I can move LARGE objects around to throw them at enemies.

To end my wall of text, I have to say that I LOVE this game and it's my favourite game right now along with Ratchet: Gladiator (Deadlocked for you Americans)

I'm finished blabbering on now, so have any of you lot got this game? And what skill builds do you use in it?

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