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Posted 04 January 2020 - 11:48 PM

Ive never heard of i-ching or the "timewave" theory until now, I'm not mathematically inclined intellectually but after reading about it it's a pretty awesome theory.

It reminds me of the Dogon tribesmen and Sirius, star patterns they shouldn't have known about.

I got into McKenna reading about "machine elves", I like him he's awesome but I can only read his later writings in limited stints. It's probably a combination of that highly intelligent scientific mind coupled with deep thought psychonaut diving that kind of breaches reality and mindfucks the reader.

It's really interesting and entertaining reading but I kind of take it with a grain of salt like that fuckin ancient aliens dude.

I can only watch him after smoking myself functionally retarded.

I also really like watching "rotten" on Netflix. It's so goddamn good. Who'd ever thought an investigative documentary about the food industry could be so interesting.

I like McKenna, I've only ever listened to him sober in part because as I said, I'm just not a big drugs guy, they don't like me. he definitely had something going on but yeah, the stuff of importance gets diluted and hidden and he takes some wrong turns imo. There might be less with the I Ching than I had hoped, idk I still didn't digest or even consume it fully but it seems like another thing that was sort of teetering on the edge of some deep truth and then got a lot of superfluous junk dumped on top and maybe inextricably mixed in


I'm digging this binary stuff tho, the basics of life definitely simplify down to binary. I think that's why reducing apt things to binary is comforting (such as the meditation that focuses on breath) and why dumb or emotionally damaged or manipulated people like to create or simplify complex nonbinary things into artificial binary, like race or nationality or political positions. I pay attention to the trump cult on reddit sometimes, and this is constant with them. I get into discussions with them sometimes, and the moment you break through their fanfic of reality where they're on the good, winning side of a war between good and evil, they shut off and either stop replying or become irreconcilably offended by some imaginary transgression

the dogon are great, I don't know much about them but africa in general and the african diaspora have such a wealth of ideas or whatever, that's still outside of the western braintape. I dig in every now and then but it gets overwhelming fast for me.


rotten sounds cool, I've coincidentally been on a similar kick and been limiting my meat and dairy consumption. RIP doctormartini


I was looking on Facebook for a way to ask him and if it was a legitimate idea I wanted to trade it for one of those bullet proof techno pintos.


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Posted 05 January 2020 - 10:28 AM

Thats a thing I find really interesting too; numerical patterns or odd coincidences within the context of natural phenomena.

They say that basically everything can be broken down into a numerical sequence. That alot of our languages developed from rhythmic sounds early men used to make that progressed into articulated speech.

I think it's fascinating they say that if we do ever find alien life or it's technology then that might be the only base of communication we might have. Numerical patterns and rhythms, that big radioscope thing SETI is used to look for such a thing specifically.

The movie "arrival" is one of my favorite movies. I really like it because it presents a methodology of communication and understanding with a species far beyond our own, very foreign to the extent that they don't even perceive time the same way. Xenoanthropology is interesting AF. I love reading about it I like mass effect too for the same reasons although its kind of simplistic at times

I'll have 180hrs in just running around in circles and talking to aliens

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Posted 05 January 2020 - 11:18 AM

I liked his iching theory or the time wave theory although like you say ever since 2012 it's not had a practical application as far as projecting the future.

It is really interesting how it kind of mathematically falls in line with certain events though. And it opened up a whole new school of thought considering our preconceived notions of how time works

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