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Salt World todo list


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Posted 13 January 2013 - 08:21 PM

The following is a list of things that are either planned or actively being worked on:
  • create a new IPB theme
  • add a maximum size for signatures
  • change avatar size
  • change PM inbox size
  • make a better system for the PIPZ
  • add IRC statistics to #saltw
  • fix email system (can someone test if recovery emails are being sent?)
  • add information about the IRC channel somewhere visible
  • fix the fact that the small avatar thumbnail squares don't maintain aspect ratio
  • set the non-visual editor as the default
  • replace "Recent Topics" text with "Recent Replies" on the forum overview
  • simplify the list of forums significantly
  • put archived forums in a subforum to reduce forum overview clutter
  • make youtube embedding doable only through a special [.youtube.] tag
  • bring back the topic icons (does anyone have konix's ~2008 remakes of the topic icons?)
  • improve the smiley/emoticon interface
  • in the profile fields, website URL is linked, but twitter URL is not. check if this is a problem in the core software.
  • make sure there's both a .spoiler and .hide tag
  • add a "recent posts" tab aside from the "recent topics" tab.
  • change the automatic hyperlink shortening so that they're not excessively shortened (this should be done in CSS)
  • remove the default silhouette avatar (replace with no avatar)
  • change gender selections in member profile
  • add Twitter and Facebook profile fields
  • improve profile fields icons
  • build a JSON export of the latest visible(non-secret/hidden) posts, plus topic shortlinks for leafo's irc bot
  • BUILD A MAIN SITE (start a topic discussing its creation and design)
  • possibly revisit the discussion of the site's name (perhaps at a later time after the main site)
  • modify old saltw.net and gamingw.net domains so that they redirect here
  • use saltw.net for shortlinks rather than saltworld.net
  • links are broken if they contain an apostrophe (not when using ')
If you have suggestions or if you'd like to help out in some way, feel free to post them in this topic.

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