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I have a question

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Posted 04 August 2014 - 10:09 PM


I was recently diagnosed as hypomanic. But the kind I have I'm pretty sure I have always had and it has never gone away. I went to a dr. to get something to curb it because I've physically worn my body out several times and had done damage to it over time. Probably atleast five differnt times in the past couple years. This article talks about a very rare form of bipolar disorder that fits that description and my dr. alluded to that but I don't think he knew much about it or understood exactly how long it goes on, "infinite unless self-medicated".

I can't talk to most people and have them understand my method of thought or what I am conveying. Its not a lack of understanding language or word choice but they can't follow my speed and the patterns I'm often trying to relay. Big broad ideas that fit together, atleast in my head. I do this alot here sometimes if you can see it, I don't know.

I'm trying to understand what it is because its almost driven me to madness several times throughout my life and caused me to physically hold myself back because average "simple people" get irritated with me or don't not understand. I don't know if the term "like minds" fit. But it takes either an exceptionally odd or intelligent (or both) person to have the kind of interest into carrying on a conversation with me. I'm trying to figure out if medically doping myself up everyday is something I should think about doing or if I shouldn't live that way. If there are any studies that try to actually explain this, what it is.

I think my dad and brother might have it too but I'm not completely sure. I think my moms run of the mill bi-polar but either of the other two do alot of self-medicating but are both exceptionally intelligent.

I read somewhere else, from someone that has it and said. That it doesn't make you smarter than anyone else or necessarily born with any higher IQ. Its like being a homerun hitter. You just swing and miss so fast, and you keep on and keep on doing it that you just get good at whatever you're attempting to learn or do. That makes alot of sense.

I think that maybe steel had it too. His frustration and the speed at which he'd speak about things. Change his mind and then go on humorous tyrades, it makes a whole lotta sense to me.

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 12:46 PM


Fucking charlie sheen has it too AHAHAHAHA! Its why he acted like a complete jackass in those interviews, this is very very funny. Its why everyone kept saying he looked and sounded like a drug addict.

"Thanks to Charlie Sheen, I can declare "mission accomplished." Sheen's outrageous rants and antics galvanized national attention for weeks, prompting Dr. Drew Pinsky, celebrity medical journalist, to pronounce on the Today Show that Sheen was hypomanic. "Part of the challenge of hypomanic patients is they don't believe they have a problem," said Pinsky. "They believe you're the problem. So, it's very difficult to get them to cooperate."

As if to illustrate Pinsky's point, Sheen responded to Pinsky defiantly, "I'm not bipolar. I'm bi-winning," he said, and challenged the "so-called expert" to a fight: "I think me and Pinsky should jump in the ring and he should see how unstable these fists of flaming fury are. Yeah, dude. I'll show you how unstable I am. Bring it. Bring it, little man.""


And the guy talks about a hypomaniacs "downfall" and by the way I read it before I thought it was like a crash over the course of several years or something that makes you get into some super depression. Its just an accumulation of their stupid shit if they let themselves get out of control.

For instance charlie sheen telling his producers to go fuck himself out of a job. lolololololololololol

Or bill clinton thinking he's a grade A aging pimp daddy and screwing himself over an office seceretary.

This is like a mental illness that isn't a mental illness but a form of natural irony.

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 05:37 PM

It sounds like the stigma society likes to attach to mental illness plays perfectly into keeping this specific type of mental illness from being recognized. Since you have already recognized how your thinking patterns are classified from a clinical standpoint, you are going to be the best judge as to how or what kind of help you need in terms of coping.


If you don't think you have a need to cope, I am less inclined to think its because your hypomanic state is obfuscating problems you are currently having or might culminate later down the road. For instance, you are a smart guy from a smart family used to dealing with bipolar, and you already know your brain conveys thoughts with a higher energy level and frequency than what the average person is used to processing. So if you practice communicating with lots of different people, then by virtue of your intelligence and upbeat frequency at tackling a new skill, you should be able to make up for the difference in wavelengths through raw experience alone. (When you were describing the potential disconnect people have following your trains of thought, I couldn't help but think of the analogy of "seeing the forest for the trees". Where in this case you are used to talking in forests to people who are used to talking in trees.)


You already don't seem to think of yourself as "superior" to most folks, so you already have avoided the common pitfall that hits most all of the famous people that share this condition with you. As long as you remain sympathetic and/or humble, I have a feeling you'll do just fine.


Just remember this above all else, YOU are not the problem here. It's everyone else having problems with you that is the REAL problem!

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 09:56 PM

thanks, that helps alot and I kind of felt that way. I think my main problem is I try to communicate with people too much and when they don't understand what I'm saying or communicate false or ethically wrong points back it just drives me even harder. When I finally realize I am accomplishing nothing then I get really really frustrated. When I watch terrible events on the news or watch people act terribly I get frustrated. I usually use humor or analogies to try to help out but it just cycles in my head. I think I'll keep it and take it when I feel "too much" for a particular thing I am doing or when I see myself "caring too much".

And yeah I felt the same as far as me not being the problem but I still feel like the problem because I consider my inability to "move mountains" failure and I'm responsible for failing.

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