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D/Generation - a cool gam

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Posted 11 October 2016 - 08:48 AM

was talking about this with hundley, but posting it here for DiScUsSiOn and because I think people would like it.



apparently it didn't become very popular, partly because it was an EGA game during a time when VGA had become the standard. but I love the details, and the simplicity of the visuals, while at the same time the city outside the windows add just enough atmosphere to make it work.


there's more of a story in the full version apparently but I haven't played past what you can see in this demo. still, it seems like a really great canvas to work with, conducive to building a real narrative.

#2 Neuropath


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Posted 11 October 2016 - 02:52 PM

yo I only watched the first minute of that video because I think I might want to go and play it on my own, but there's something surprisingly modern about its aesthetics and design sensibilities, given what you say about it being EGA in a VGA era. I could easily see this game being released by some indie developer in TYOOL 2016

#3 bonzi_buddy



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Posted 11 October 2016 - 05:38 PM

HELL YEAH!!! Dada!!! my big brother got this on our PC when I was young - i was mesmerized by the strange combination of snappy action and sounds, stark visuals (is this really a DOS shareware game?? this quality...?... from the depths of the internet and floppy disks...?)


... and strange ultra-violence from nightmarish comic-styled balls. @[email protected] ... See around 6:30 for reference...  pretty soul-crushing for little kids... or https://youtu.be/hOvlCFvtuZY?t=2375 ... stuff from the nightmares... EDIT: Especially ahha some 30 seconds later comes a very Ragnar - moment in this video, keep on watching... such a cool game!!


I forgot all about this and I was sad that the game got uninstalled from computer...


reminds me a lot in a way of Delphine Software's productions, like Another World, Flashback, Future Wars, etc..


Oh, and Cyberdogs!

Actually, Cyberdogs is a good comparison point. There's a sense of finish and level of quality but also mysterious aura in both of games.

both games stories are relayed shortly and sparsely, D/Generation through the otherwise mute characters (you better be good with english, but also like reading lots of stuff - i was neither, so I only had the game world to work with and figure out) and Cyberdogs through map intro with miniscule font.

both games you are almost immediately thrown into violent world, and not much in the way of introductions.

from the get-go, both games have lot of details and lively inner world... D/Generation details of sky-scrapers in the windows, Cyberdogs detailed furniture etc ephemera inside the in-map houses.

odd inner-logic and rules of lethality. etc.


Reminds me of how when I played Hotline Miami, I was initially constantly scourging for some secret details from the miniscule, blurry shareware - esque pixels of tables, computer desks, picturers, etc... but mostly left disappointed with this aspect.

#4 bonzi_buddy



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Posted 11 October 2016 - 05:57 PM


ahhaha this game!


EDIT: holy shit, judging from this Amiga version looks like the full version is Pretty Hot Stuff. the story!!! i still prefer the DOS-version just from how minimalistic but effective the sounds are.

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