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Dota 2 ranks among few titles that can be classified as truly free-to-play

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Posted 14 June 2019 - 06:18 AM

Dota is an acronym that stands for Defense of the Ancients a top down multiplayer game that resembles the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre at first, but streamlines the gameplay from controlling an entire army to controlling a single Hero. Dota wasn’t the first to have this sort of gameplay, but it sure popularized it, garnering millions of fans all over the world before spawning similar games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.
Dota 2 looks innocent enough. Ten players get into groups of two. Each team, with the help of their NPC creeps, must then traverse at least three projectile spewing monuments in order to reach the opposition base. After that, it is a question of breaking down the barracks (because your troops turn into perma roided versions of themselves when the enemy has no place to sleep) before finally bringing down the other Ancient.
That's another thing about Arena of Valor. It is a full fat MOBA. Sure, it's more on the arcadey side than other staples of the genre, but all the important pieces are there. I like the fact a real back-and-forth battle in the late game still inevitably concludes around the 20-minute mark, which would be a quick finish in Dota. There is also nuance to the simplicity. Attacking mindless creeps is a case of mashing the A button, but you still need to intelligently switch target and time the killing blow to get the most gold out of the situation. 
Dota 2 ranks among few titles that can be classified as truly free-to-play.  While many other titles label themselves with this distinction, there are often convenience purchases or some form of power available for real money transactions.  While Dota 2 has an extensive cash shop, all offerings are completely cosmetic.  HUD options, voice packs and character costumes form the basis of a store lacking even an iota of power or convenience for purchase.  All gameplay elements are absolutely free and do not require collection or usage of any kind of in-game currency.
DOTA 2 has become a vastly successful game, but still not on the level of participating players as League of Legends. During the International, the number of players of DOTA 2 has seen an increase. During the week of July 9-16, the total peak amount on DOTA 2 ranged from about 750,000-900,000 players per day. Those are staggering numbers and a statement to the success of the game. It has had well over 20 million players worldwide and with the success of the International 4, it is not unreasonable to see those numbers increase in the next few weeks. 
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