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What do people really like Hermes are buying?

silk scarves hermes handbags

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Posted 15 October 2019 - 04:25 AM

We all know that Hermes' craftsmanship is amazing, but this time I saw the craftsman's work process, I was touched and I was very knowledgeable.
Hermes has a lot of classic items, and I have bought a lot of them myself these years. After attending the event, you have an extra feeling for each item you start with, because they each have their own story behind them.
When it comes to Replica Cheap Hermes Handbags, many people think of Birkin and Kelly. Birkin and Kelly are of course very worthwhile to buy, which can be passed on to the next generation. But apart from them, there are actually many packages worth buying in his home.
And the Hermes bag is very durable, and it is no problem to pass to the next generation. His bag is made with a saddle stitching cross stitch, which is done by hand and is stronger than the machine. The sutures are also beaten and are not easily worn. Finally, polish it to achieve a waterproof effect.
The production of bags is very demanding, and it takes more than 200 complicated and elaborate processes from leather processing to sewing. We watched the craftsman doing the handle of the handbag on the spot. The production of a single handle requires 15 to 18 hours of continuous uninterrupted work, which is a test of endurance.
Replica silk scarves are one of Hermes' most classic items, and they are easy to use. I have a friend who likes his silk scarf very much. I bought a lot and put it in a photo frame. It looks like a picture and looks good.
To make such a beautiful silk scarf, the process is naturally complicated, but it is still very surprising to hear that they have completed a silk scarf for more than one and a half years.
The silk scarf pattern is drawn by the artist, and the drawing stereotyper tries to redraw the drawing board with the least amount of color after receiving the painting. A painting has 43 colors, and she will draw 43 stencils for the screen to prepare for the next printing. After painting, they will also print a paper version to check the details for errors.
The process of making a silk scarf takes about 600 hours. If you have a lot of complicated details on the painting, it will be normal to spend thousands of hours.

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Posted 03 November 2019 - 10:10 PM

I want those fancy shoes with the wings on them so I can play bball like Stephen curry I don't give a fuck about a handbag you uppity son of a bitch not unless they got the fanny packs

Do they have the fanny packs? Because I can keep things like chapstick and a change of underwear just incase I fall, hit my head again playin bball like stephen curry and lose bladder control pissing all over myself.

That's pretty fucking embarrassing when you're trying to play bball I might add

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