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My New RPG

RPG Maker

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#1 EpsilonEagle


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Posted 03 June 2020 - 06:14 PM

I'm working on a new RPG Project using RPG Maker MV called Astral Fantasy. It's an RPG that takes place in a highly futuristic space setting with some fantasy elements such as magic, think of Final Fantasy in space, or more accurately something along the lines of Phantasy Star and Star Ocean. The game will be very open to exploration and side quests, but will also have a significant main story as well and a number of different characters to join your party with different abilities, including many different kinds of aliens.


The battle system will for the most part be the default RPG Maker MV battle system shown in a side view perspective (though I originally thought of having it in a third person behind the characters perspective like Vay and Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, but I haven't figured this out yet). The skill system and magic system work like this: For skills, you gain SP as you fight and can use that to perform various special attacks (standard in RPGMV), though skills themselves can be learned in two ways, either levelling up or by using computer terminals in various locations to learn new skills with units (money). The ability to hack terminals and download these new skills requires the character to have a chip equipped, chips do various things both in and out of battle and are an extra equipment slot. The idea is much the same for magic too but a little different, following a system more akin to Final Fantasy 7. You have 5 slots for what is called amulets, and each character can buy amulets in stores or find them throughout the game. Amulets allow the character to use a spell so long as the amulet is equipped, though magic using characters can learn spells on their own through levelling up and may not need them for certain spells (plus many of the unique, character specific spells are the best in the game).


The game takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy in the 24,000s AD. Humanity has long since left the Milky Way galaxy and established colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy. War breaks out between the Astral League in the Andromeda Galaxy and the Khelnari Empire in the Milky Way galaxy, and the neutral human colonies are caught in the middle of it. Meanwhile, dark powers have begun to awaken in the universe.

#2 chaos_baby


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Posted 04 June 2020 - 03:46 AM

Sounds awesome! I love stories that take place in the far far future. Keep us posted. Screenies?

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Posted 14 July 2021 - 12:51 PM

Do not listen to this imposter. I know the real Zac Wieck, and he would never foolishly espouse a debauched modern such as FFXIV. However, all Final Fantasies up to X but NOT IX are "acceptable" to an extent of 6/10. Zac agrees with me. Screenies?

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Posted 22 July 2021 - 01:18 AM

Any progress?

#5 Ragnar


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Posted 02 August 2021 - 09:09 AM

30 million views wtf?

#6 hobo2


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Posted 06 August 2021 - 02:55 AM

what has 30 million views?

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Posted 06 August 2021 - 05:04 PM

what has 30 million views?

this topic, well it has more than that now.

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Posted 23 August 2021 - 07:26 AM

I mean it's a new rpg. Why wouldn't it have 30M views?

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