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Here is our guide to help you with Barbara’s Hangout Event dialogue

Genshin Impact

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Posted 23 March 2021 - 03:19 AM

If you have been keeping up with your daily missions in Genshin Impact you should be able to unlock three out of four characters’ hangouts for Barbara Noelle Chongyun or Bennett. But it’s not just about finding the “best” ending for them it’s about finding all the endings.

Your favorite free-to-play healer is someone you can buddy up with during “Wellspring of Healing.” Here’s our guide to help you with Barbara’s Hangout Event dialogue choices and endings in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Barbara Hangout Event Endings
That’s where this guide comes in: there are rewards for each of Barbara’s Hangout Event endings in Genshin Impact so while you may want to strive for the happiest outcome it doesn’t hurt to see the other Hangout Memories on a repeat playthrough.

Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Event guide – Choices and endings
Barbara’s Hangout Event story in Genshin Impact is called “Wellspring of Healing.” The first part is “Sister Victoria’s Vexation” where you’ll need to speak to a nun in front of Mondstadt’s cathedral. She’ll then ask you to find Barbara somewhere in Wolvendom (close to the Andrius boss fight area).

From there Barbara’s Hangout Event branches out into multiple parts and some will even be connected to others. You can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

Ending 1: Untimely Enthusiasm
Transition: The Church’s Affairs to The Deaconess’ Gratitude
Ending 2: A Fiery Flavor From Liyue and Ending 3: The Taste of Hard Work
Ending 4: Incompletely Cured
Ending 5: A Holiday in Mondstadt

But what I did not realize is that if you’re hunting hangout endings you do not need to replay the entire hangout every time you do it. Rather if you select a specific step so that a small little arrow is over it you can not only read what step that is but if you hit “Begin Hangout” when that is selected you will be starting the hangout from that point meaning you are a lot closer to the actual decisions you need to make and you can skip all the stuff before it. This is especially convenient for endings that rely on a decision made at the last minute near the end.

Barbara Event Memories
Alrighty this is your last warning concerning spoilers for Barbara’s Hangout Event. From this point forward I will detail what you need to do so see all five of her Hangout Event Memories in Genshin Impact (again these are the endings). Named steps in quotations are areas in the flowchart you can explicitly restart the Hangout Event at (by clicking on the event tab for Barbara; the one you used to unlock the event in the first place).

With all of that being said I hope you had a great time hanging out with Barbara! Just don’t tell Albert I’m pretty sure he’ll get super jealous.

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Posted 24 March 2021 - 02:57 AM

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Posted 24 March 2021 - 02:57 AM


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Posted 25 March 2021 - 04:29 AM

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