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WoW TCG Tournament

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Posted 29 November 2007 - 03:07 AM

For those who don't have the program etc, follow the following directions:
Step 1: Download this and install it: http://www.wowrealms...tup.1.3.529.exe
Step 2: Download this and unrar all the included folders in your OCTGN folder, and overwrite everything: http://files.filefro...;/fileinfo.html
Step 3: Click the "Game" Button, highlight "More Options" and then Choose "Change Name"

Your done!

For instructions on how to use the program see the following directions:

[hide=Instructions on using the program]
Deck Editor:
1-In the Deck Editor window, click "New Deck"
2-Click Info in the upper right. Edit your deck's name in the "Deck Title" field. It will be on the far far right of your screen.
3-Click the "Search" button (or press F3).
4-On the pop-up window, find the area labeled "Card Sets", and select all the WoW sets, which would be all of them except the very top option." Click the "Search" button on the pop-up window. (This will filter out all of the default cards and show only the WoW related cards.)
5-Select the card you want to add to your deck and hit your INS key to add it. Press the DEL key to remove a card from your deck.
TIP: You can put your hero in your sideboard, by right clicking on your hero in the deck editor window and chosing add to sideboard, for easy access to playing your hero!
TIP:Save your deck often as you build it. Once you are done, load your deck to play.
TIP: Make sure you have 60 cards BESIDES your 1 Hero!

Common Commands and how to do them:
Here is a quick reference list on how to use OCTGN to perform WoW TCG actions.

Common Actions:
*To start a new game: Both players should Right-click on their name in the main window, and choose "Reset"
*To shuffle: Right-click on your Deck, and select Randomize, or CTRL-S
*To roll a die or flip a coin: Click the appropriate button or ALT-R
*To draw a card: double click the deck or press CTRL-D
*To draw a card from the bottom: right click on the deck and choose "Draw from Bottom"
*To mulligan:Hold SHIFT to drag the the cards from your hand area to the bottom of the library, then draw seven new cards.
*To play a card face down: Hold the Shift key and drag the name of the card from your hand list to the play area
*To play a card face up: Drag the name of the card from the hand list to the play area
*To flip a card: Right-click on it and select "Face Down/Up" or hold the mouse pointer over it and press F6
*To exhaust or activate a card: double-click it.
*To place a card on the bottom of the deck: Hold Shift and drag to the deck.
*To view your graveyard: double-click it and then click OK. The number defaults to the total number of cards.
*To move a card from graveyard to hand: View the graveyard pile, then select the card you want to retrieve, drag it to the table top to reveal it to your opponent, then drag it to hand.
*To change your endurance total: Click the + or - buttons, or right-click on the number to set it manually
*Looking through your deck: Right-click on your deck and select "Show".
--To search your entire deck: click OK to select the default (every card) after using the "Show" function. Select the card you want and click drag it to the table, then to your hand.(Clicking Draw doesn't reveal the card to your opponent)
--To look at the top 1 or 2 cards in your library: change the number of cards you want to view to the appropriate number. Click "Close" when you are done.
*To reveal the top card of your deck: Right-click on your Library and select "Top card of deck face up"
*To set a counter: Right-click on the card and choose "Set Counter"
*To declare an attack:Click the character cards you want to attack and hit SHIFT-F3, this will place a red border around the cards to mark them as attackers.
*To use an effect or power: Click the card you want to activate and press F5, this will place a green border around the card.
*To specify the target(s) of an effect/attack: Click the target card and press F7. This will place a white border around the card.

To Host/Connect:
To Host: Game -> Serve
To Connect: Game -> Connect, enter hosts info

Rules of the Tournament:
-Round robin, everyone plays everyone. Each game will be best 2 out of 3. You will flip a coin to determine who goes first on the first round, then the loser goes first the following rounds until a winner is declared. You are given 3 days to play your opponent.
-You are allowed a 10 card (excluding your hero if you put it here) sideboard, that you can switch cards in and out of your deck with in the following rounds.
-You may use different decks with each of your opponents. But must use the same deck with each opponent (you may not change decks after you lose 1 round for example).
-The following cards are banned:
Mission: The Abyssal Shelf [MOTL]: Its effect can't be recreated in OCTGN at all.
Any ONY and MC card that has an orange/redish boarder, as these are cards meant to be used by the Onyxia/Ragnaros player. These are not tournament legal!


Post if you are in!

We'll start officially December 2nd! Until then feel free to add people to AIM/MSN whatever and get some gamez in.

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Posted 02 December 2007 - 06:13 AM

No one interested?  Someones gotta up for a little TCG tournament fun!
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Posted 02 December 2007 - 06:25 AM


You mean like...

...World Of Warcraft?  :fogethuh:

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Happy 1st Anniversary - MONOPOLO!
Released April 2nd, 2009 - Right Here, On GW!

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Posted 02 December 2007 - 07:33 AM


You mean like...

...World Of Warcraft?  :fogethuh:

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