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[DevLog] Dawning of a Dragon's Valor [Demo:6/29/10]

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Posted 24 March 2009 - 08:48 PM

Dawning of a Dragon's Valor


The land once again is brought to its balance with the revival of the Goddess Nyfrulia and the Dark One, Chaos. The mortals' cry for guidance has been answered, but at what cost? The world has been restored, but the scars of the past are still evident. Many centuries have passed since the catalyst that threatened to end all that exists occurred, though the shadow of ill fate still lingers on the horizon as a man slays his master and assumes power of his military.

Burdened by loss, this man seeks to end the pain that he has been forced to endure for the past twenty years by any means necessary. The first target of his wrath was the prosperous village of Hronulum which now rests below the shifting waves of the sea. Not even the destruction of his pain's origin could still the agony. Sacrificing his soul up to Chaos in the promise of a gift of a meaningful life, he has cursed himself to this existence, to serve as a hell-hound in his master's desire to call forth absolute balance to the world.

He is not alone in this world, as the spawns of Chaos guide him. Over time, he wishes to throw away his ties to their demonic kin, but his essence has been corrupted beyond redemption, leaving his eyes glowing crimson through its enslavement to the Dark. He then turns to the Goddesses in an attempt to repent for his sin, though his calls go unanswered.

Unlike this man who has been made a victim of the hand of fate, a dragon rises from his life of tranquil days to put an end to the turmoil brought forth by those who serve the Dark.

Screen Shots

Posted Image
The grand world... well... most of it, anyway.
Posted Image
While fishing, you may be lucky enough to catch a treasure chest.
Posted Image
Rent a horse to save yourself the trouble of encountering the dreaded random battles. Also useful for avoiding terrain damage.
Posted Image
Explore lush forests, barren wastelands, volcanic mountains, scorching deserts, underwater domains, frozen fields, hidden villages only accessible with blessed gemstones, or the darkest recesses of the Void.
Posted Image
Riding in a mine cart can be a useful way to find treasure and proceed into the depths of the earth.
Posted Image
Appease the gods themselves to further your summoning ability.
Posted Image
Battle as whomever you please, whether it be a dragon, pirate, cat, elf, ninja, or even those who serve the opposing force.

What am I working on now?

[hide=3/24/09]Finished working on the underground Mages Guild, now all that needs to be done is the interactive cutscene between Vrenmasil and Corfaisus in their youth at Hronulum.[/hide]
[hide=4/12/09]Finished remaking Lefarnius, and starting to rework on Merchant's Outpost.[/hide]
[hide=4/13/09]Finished reworking on Merchant's Outpost, moving onto the Tree of the Wolves.[/hide]
[hide=4/30/09]Finished reworking the Tree of the Wolves, the "Call of the Wolf" quest, Caldinasus Castle, and fixing minor graphical bugs throughout some of the dungeons/caves in the game. A new inn "system" has been added in place of the default, and the "Stealth of the Wolf" equip section of the Skill Equip menu has been altered to apply with what was stated earlier in the game about how "... Only one character can equip this skill at any single time." Various maps have been moved around/combined with a few others to decrease the number of overall maps in the game (I want to make it as space efficient map-wise as possible =D) Work on different areas are bound to take place shortly, such as the Ice Forest and Swamp of the Lost, along with menus such as the Quest Log.[/hide]
[hide=5/08/09]Finished reworking the Ice Forest, Training Ground, and have written in the quest logs for the optional "Call of the Wolf" and "Unforgiven Souls" quests. Work is continuing on the Swamp of the Lost, and is expected to be completed shortly. After this, I may choose to re-release the demo with extended content that has been completed up to now, including a bug fix for the Ancient Temple.[/hide]
[hide=5/10/09]Finished reworking the Swamp of the Lost, and now I'm questioning whether to release the demo now but disable the ability to buy any Treasure Crystals or use the Amulet of Spirit to reach Ternotris, or to continue working on all areas and release the demo later.[/hide]
[hide=5/20/09]Began work on Ternotris, and so far have completed the outside map for the Market and Residential Districts (space-efficiently placed), and the airship that can be traveled on to reach the different areas of Ternotris (and all the switch work that goes with it). Planning to release a new demo either when....

1. Ternotris is 100% completed.
2. Ternotris is completed aside from the musician quest.

More work will be put into the Treasure Crystals later, but may not appear in the demo beyond the 1st out of 5.[/hide]
[hide=5/23/09]Finished reworking Ternotris and the "A Musician's Dream" quest. Also remade the "Music Sphere", and fixed a few minor errors in places such as the Night Blade Fortress, Ancient Temple, and Vermolin Castle. Not sure what to work on next, but will update this post when progress is being made. Have decided to release an extended demo without the 1st Treasure Crystal available.[/hide]
[hide=5/24/09]Work has begun on Corfaisus' Airship and the Caldinasus Duel Arena. Progress on the Arena is bound to cease after mapping is complete, but work on the main quest will continue until I'm drawn to a different area of the game.[/hide]
[hide=5/25/09]Finished working on Corfaisus' Airship, though I will need to work on the Tower Gate areas to continue with the game. A new demo has been made available to add in this area, which then drops the player off at a more "cliffhanger" moment than the old demo. Also have gone back through and edited all skill descriptions of skills that can be used by the player to give a better idea of how much damage a skill does aside from just "Inflicts fire damage to a single enemy." Has now been changed to "-/+ ### HP/MP Effect •element/condition• (single/all)[/hide]
[hide=5/28/09]Work has begun on the Crossroads to the west of Caldinasus and the Duel Arena.[/hide]
[hide=5/30/09]Work has continued on the Caldinasus Arena, and a new demo has been released to give players a chance to try out the new system.[/hide]
[hide=5/31/09]Finished all work on the Caldinasus Arena, including the "Intermediate" and "Expert" tournaments. Work will continue on different areas of the game once I have decided what needs to be done next. Work has begun on the "Main Quest" quest log, but will be halted until more of the main story has reached a finalized state.[/hide]
[hide=6/02/09]Work has started on the Night Blade Garrison (previously Tower Gate).[/hide]
[hide=6/05/09]Work has continued on the Night Blade Garrison and war scenes. A bug found earlier today in the Caldinasus Arena coding has been fixed, but further testing or deeper observation may be required to assure that no further errors exist.[/hide]
[hide=6/08/09]Most of the work on the war scenes have finished. All that remains is the escape from the Night Blade Garrison and the aftermath of war scenes.[/hide]
[hide=6/15/09]War scenes are completed, and commencing with the first half of the after war scenes.[/hide]
[hide=6/16/09]Continuing work on the after war scenes, and all current Skill Equip skills for the Main Story have been remade to make it slightly more space efficient now and in the future when the other 5 characters will be made available in the After Story.[/hide]
[hide=6/26/09]Began reworking the Sage Mountain area, and after war scenes have been completed. A small bit of work was added to the Caldinasus Arena to ensure that you are not able to buy more than 99 of each Arena specific item.[/hide]
[hide=7/23/09]Damn, it's been a while.. Here's what's new...
• Finished Mapping for Sage Mountain
• Eventing has continued up to the point of the FireBreath Volcano for the Sage, Queen of Lireseron, and Quest Log events
• Work has begun on FireBreath Volcano.[/hide]
[hide=7/24/09]Mapping has been completed on the FireBreath Volcano. All that must be done now is the boss' event.[/hide]
[hide=8/23/09]Various small changes have been made to events and skills around the game such as rewriting of skill definitions and dialogue fixes. FireBreath Volcano is still a W.I.P and haven't the foggiest idea of when it will be finished. A demo to apply these fixes and addition of new areas may be made before the completion of the FireBreath Volcano.[/hide]
[hide=8/30/09]FireBreath Volcano has been completed and various small updates have been applied throughout the game. A new demo is available to accompany these changes.[/hide]
[hide=9/20/09]Found a few mistakes here and there and set up terrain battle backgrounds for all areas with battles and here's a few list of what I can remember has been changed.
• Battle music wouldn't switch back to the default after the battle with Greed, this has been fixed.
• Step counter wasn't working properly as a switch was not turned on at the beginning of the game, this has been fixed.
• Few font and common event (Costumes) mistakes were fixed throughout the game.
• A space has been added to the currency string and rewards from victory strings have been re-written.
• Wait time between Caldinasus Arena Tournaments has been lowered from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Work has nearly ceased since the completion of the FireBreath Volcano, but I hope to finish a cutscene and start planning the Graveyard/Mansion of Shadows dungeon.[/hide]
[hide=9/22/09]Today has seen quite a sizable update. Along with smaller battle event and dialog fixes, the addition of Fishing has come! Even though it has only been finished for an hour or so, here are a few details as to what to expect.
• All areas in the world (minus the world map) have had fishing spots added. These consist of any area that is at sea level or one cliff elevation above.
• Salmon and Carp can be fished from these areas for 50xp each. Starting at 200xp until level 2, each level afterward will require an additional 100xp to that.
• Carp can be sold to stores for 100gp while Salmon can be sold for 150gp. This serves as an easy and quick way to earn money if you aren't up to battling monsters.
• A quest chain is imminent, as an introduction quest has already been added, and a secondary quest is already planned. Quests such as these should be developed quickly, as they'll typically be fetch quests. Different quests are bound to have different level requirements and rare fish that can only be found in very specific areas.[/hide]
[hide=10/01/09]Planning has begun on Srenmalus, a town that is essentially the homeland of the monsters that inhabit the world.

[hide=Backstory]"Constructed in ancient times, the founders believed that in the future (modern day) there would be a great, never-ending struggle between humans and monsters. This being their fate, they decided to hide their town away from the world to ensure their village's safety for many years to come. Only those seen as nonthreatening to their people would be allowed use of the aquamarines that acted as a means of transport between Srenmalus and the outside world."[/hide]

I feel as though this will give a meaning behind the monsters that inhabit the outer world as the origins of these would be that their ancestors were criminals, and that as the future generations were formed, they were raised as their parents taught them, to fight against those who sought to harm them. [/hide]
[hide=10/06/09]Went back through all parts of the game that I have finished up to this point and fixed all (I hope) elevation issues. What I mean by elevation issues is that I wasn't including enough stairs or "cliff ramps", as in a cliff that was three tiles high would have a ramp that was three tiles across instead of six. The same applies for houses with stairs. Some of these changes were fairly difficult to decide on as most of the game was built around these errors and I had to stretch out parts of dungeons to fit the corrections.[/hide]
[hide=10/10/09]Remade the beginning prompt that gives the player the option to view the introduction, skip it, or return to the title screen. I have also began working on an "on board" area to the ship that allows you to randomly control one of the party members you will have in the game and speak to the others in your party. Each person will respond to another person in three different ways.[/hide]
[hide=10/12/09]Finished working on the ship and added in conversations that can be viewed in the main story. Also added in areas to recruit people such as an item merchant, armor merchant, weapons merchant, and innkeeper. These people you will find in different areas of the game and can be hired to join your ship for a price. This will allow the player to just go to his ship instead of having to go clear back to a town to buy different things. I figure this would be helpful when fighting through Fear's dungeons later in the game.[/hide]
[hide=10/13/09]Removed the Ship vehicle location on the World Map, as this could easily be used to access the ship before the intended point by anyone using Ctrl to skip the dungeon. Now the Ship can only be accessed as it was originally intended. I have also added a scene after the Ancient Temple Dock boss (Kraken) to explain to the player how to access the ship and that later you will be able to recruit others to your ship. Finished working on the different recruits you will be able to purchase to add to your ship to sell many different supplies, equipment, and allow you to rest at any location on the map, which is essentially a mobile village that can be accessed at the player's leisure.[/hide]
[hide=11/03/09]Began a major reworking of various parts of the game such as the item list and how other menus work. I believe this will improve the game a fair amount, and make it easier to go directly to the item that I need to find to quicken progress.[/hide]
[hide=1/18/10]Work has begun on changing the basics of the game, such as walking speed, dialog speed, and how the player will travel between one map to another.
• The player will now be able to choose between the regular game walking and text speed, which are both slow, or the default Rm2k3 walk and text speed for those who cannot stand slow movement and dialog. Both of these can be changed by using the new "Options" sub-menu from the Status menu. Transferring between maps will now be set to when the player comes in contact with the side of the room (if there is an open door), or an open door clearly shown, they will automatically transfer between maps instead of the original choice of having to guess where a door is when facing the side or down and using the selection key to attempt to move to another map.
• Mapping and dialog changes have begun for the beginning areas of the game, which will consist of everything before the crashing of the ship. Dialog changes will continue, however, throughout most of the game.[/hide]
[hide=1/31/10]Another large update in the game has begun. Along with the text/movement speed, the world map has began a complete transformation into a larger world that will give the feeling of a real world, instead of a small collection of islands. With this, I have been busy figuring what sort of random battles should occur on the world, and what terrain to use for its lands. The wasteland and desert tiles will now show different battle background depending on where you are in the world. Small dirt trails will show as the plains background, while a large area of wasteland will show as the wasteland background. While walking on sand that's more inland, the desert background will appear, while standing along the coast will display the beach background.

I once thought that the engine would get in the way during this work, as in the airship would not be able to land where events were present, but with a simply change in the chipset, this is no longer an issue. For those fearing an inconstancy or a break in chips, this has been taken care of to allow a seamless change from one terrain type to the other.

With these updates, the Goddesses' Temple has also opened its doors to the adventurers of the world. I plan to include more optional content that will become available to those who travel to this temple before progressing too far into the game. The time-frame for this event is not as strict as that of the Golden Egg event, and I'm sure that those who were to look at the content of this event will understand why there is a limited time to experience it.[/hide]
[hide=2/20/10]After spending some time away from the world map, I finally got around to finishing mapping out the important places. Now all that must be done is event work to update the teleport locations between towns and usage in skills, deciding random battles throughout the world, and mapping smaller, unimportant islands to fill in the larger empty areas, and I will be able to declare this part of the game complete.[/hide]
[hide=3/19/10]Almost forgot I had updates to talk about here.  :shrug:

• Work continues on adding the movement and text speed to different parts of the game.
• Finished reworking places such as the Night Blade Fortress, Darunmus (formerly Hero's Beginning), and the first few cutscenes covering the discussion of the world between the Goddesses and the hero and Corfaisus' first scene.
• Work in the database continues with another new summon battle animation, added more space for weapons in the future, moved important items such as Status and the sort to the top of the list, making them appear at the top of the menu in-game no matter how many items you have, and other small seemingly useless updates, such as the text speed of teleports, adding an Item Merchant common event to make work on the game easier encase of bigger updates, and cutting down on excess coding for such things as the global and Stealth of the Wolf party adds.
• Teleports are up-to-date for the Stealth of the Wolf to accompany the changes made to the vast changes made to the world map.

Work also has begun on reworking the Vermolin Castle areas, cutting down on maps used, and reworking the events and dialogue for an overall better experience.[/hide]
[hide=4/2/10]I've decided to skip over the rest of the main quest for now to start working on the after quest section of the game. I made this choice because I believe that it will help me break the cycle of never really finishing anything. Once a good part, if not all, of the after quest is complete, I'll go back through and change the main quest, since by then my overall abilities would have improved, even slightly, making a final run-through guaranteed.[/hide]
[hide=4/3/10]A major part of the new world is updated, and shows an obvious and grand improvement over the old 2007 world. The first continent is complete, minus the small changes and event work. Work has begun on the Crystal Mountain, which serves as the focus point for teleporting between the two current worlds. The outside map is complete, while the inside map is roughly 50% completed. Although not puzzle-heavy, players will be forced to solve both a statue puzzle, and an ice floor puzzle, with more on the way. Players can expect an increase in difficulty as the dangers of the new world rear their ugly heads. The lowest of the low monsters will have at least a few thousand HP, instead of the typical thousand or less of the old world, while other strengths and abilities increase as well.

I would suggest players to be roughly lv 40-50, and well equipped, before starting their way through this brutal environment.[/hide]
[hide=4/4/10]I'm weak... After dreaming about it last night, I'm convinced that my mind is trying to tell me something, so I've began working on the Vermolin Castle again. I need to finish this place, at least the castle part, maybe not the Rage dungeon part, since I feel like that is eating away at me inside. You see, in my dream, Rage appears in what I assume is the castle. There's a small crystal above him, and a portal below. He speaks for a moment, and then disappears. The heroes are waiting for a battle, but it never came. I translated this as "You aren't done yet, not by a long shot. You get your ass back in there and finish what you started."[/hide]
[hide=4/6/10]Work has been completed on both the Crystal Mountain and the Vermolin Castle. Work has also begun on the Forest Path. The outside map is done in ways of mapping, though event work is still much needed. I expect to have this area done, as well as beginning work on the next area tomorrow.[/hide]
[hide=5/29/10]After quite the hiatus, I've decided to start working on the game again. I've finished all event work up to now on the Forest Path, including the horse rental to make traveling along the land easier, though it is only a rental so you will have to return the horse the next time you go back to the Forest Path. Also, the horse cannot cross bridges and cannot enter towns, so that leaves it only the main field to the south of the Grand Wall to explore. Work will begin on Meaphrule later today.[/hide]
[hide=6/20/10]Quite a chunk of updates today:
• Mapping and event work of Meaphrule is completed up to this point, minus the dock house and armory.
• Mapping and event work of Meaphrule Caverns is completed up to this point.
• Added additional scenes to Forest Path that leads further into the storyline.

Work will start on the Forest Path Mines shortly, followed by the last few touches on the Forest Path before work can start on a completely new section of the world. I also plan on using the gold donation method used in the Meaphrule Caverns to appease Leviathan to be used in the obtaining of the Water Dragon summon later.[/hide]
[hide=6/28/10]Work has been finished on the Forest Path Mines. A new concept to dungeons has been added as well: mine cart traveling. This will allow players to access deeper areas of the mines by throwing switches to change the direction of the rails at junctions throughout the dungeon. After a small bit of work, I was able to get the mine carts to work as I wanted them to, player controlled and able to pass under the ceiling tiles without allowing the player to exit the cart, causing a bug to occur that would get the player stuck in the wall after teleporting to the other area of the mine.[/hide]
[hide=7/17/10]Work has begun on changing to a whole new graphic style for battles. Using the character sets as a basis for the battlechar sets, this will allow for an easy way to create graphics for people I once thought would never see battle. I hope to get around to adding battles where you can play as enemies such as Corfaisus and Rage, and possible new party members such as a wolf from the Wolf Tribe in the later section of your quest in the new world.[/hide]
[hide=7/23/10]Work has begun on the Tower of Ranophris. This tower serves as both a prison for criminals that have been convicted of wrongdoings in the region as well as a sanctuary should the grand city of Ranophris be attacked by a large group of fiends or an opposing militia. I would call this place a town in a tower as you can buy armor, weapons, items, spell scrolls, and rest at the inn, as well as traverse the large 3 floor interior.[/hide]
• All scenes of the Forest Path have been completed to the current part of the storyline.
• Work has finished on remaking the Ice Lake Beastmaster house.
• Work will continue on the Tower of Ranophris shortly.[/hide]
Mapping work and event work is completed to the current part of the storyline for these areas:
• Tower of Ranophris
• Ranophris

Work has started on finalizing the mapping of places such as Dragon Forest, Camp of the Minotaur Tribe and Castle of Vermolin. The Trials of Wisdom have been completed.[/hide]


Dawning of a Dragon's Valor {8/30/09 Demo} - http://rpgmaker.net/games/1254/

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Posted 24 March 2009 - 08:58 PM

This looks really interesting. I love that the main character isn't a human like most games. I'm also really curious to see how that dragon battle character looks in action. Your mapping looks right on par. I love RTP.

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Posted 25 March 2009 - 06:22 AM

Oh, that's pretty cool. I like this main characters!
And it has a very nice RTP. )
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Posted 27 March 2009 - 02:26 PM

Yep, you made good use of the rtp. The map design looks good. Some of the characters were pretty cliche(however the story seems pretty original)... Well, i'll definately play this when it's out :)

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 04:20 PM

Thank you to those who expressed their feelings on the game.

EDIT: This was a small cut-scene idea for the attack on Hronulum that caused it to sink below the surface of the ocean, created in March of 2009 after a year or so of having the idea floating around in my head. There was a paragraph written here earlier, but I decided to scrap it.

"Destruction of Hronulum" - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8NQPEH28

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Posted 10 April 2009 - 09:52 PM

EDIT: A previously posted updated demo link was mentioned here, but has of since been replaced with a more recent version.

#7 Corfaisus


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Posted 24 May 2009 - 01:49 AM

EDIT: A previously posted updated demo link was mentioned here, but has of since been replaced with a more recent version.

#8 Corfaisus


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Posted 30 May 2009 - 10:49 PM

EDIT: A previously posted updated demo link was mentioned here, but has of since been replaced with a more recent version.

I rambled on in this post about the release of the Caldinasus Duel Arena and how it functions.

#9 Corfaisus


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Posted 30 March 2010 - 02:30 AM

EDIT: The music video has been removed. I'm sorry to those who wanted to see it, but I've realized that it was a waste of time.

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Posted 30 March 2010 - 03:16 AM

Um, what happened to Tales from Zilmurlik III and IV?
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#11 Corfaisus


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Posted 30 March 2010 - 10:50 AM

I've already had to explain this elsewhere, but Tales from Zilmurik III was originally known simply as "Redeeming Legacy", while Tales from Zilmurik IV was going to be called "A Time Once Loved" when it was still being made in Rpg Maker 95. TfZ III: RL hasn't seen a bit of work for some time, while TfZ IV: ATOL hasn't been started yet.

Seeing as how I've brought this up again, I might as well explain the main concept of each game in a small description:

Tales from Zilmurik I: Origin - The heroes (Alex, Carol, and Deiji) step away from their simple lives at home to embark on the beginning of their quest to fight Chaos, and prevent the absolute balance of the world from coming to be.

Tales from Zilmurik II: Salvation's Aftermath - After destroying Chaos, the world begins to tear, as now the Dark has crumbled, while the void is feeding off of the world to try to correct the loss of Chaos, who held the outer universe in order. A teenage boy and his girlfriend leave home in the spirit of exploration, only to be approached by Alex and warned about the end of the world if the Dark is not restored. They must now choose which path to follow, to continue with the Light, leaving their world to die but living forever in Paradise, or selling their souls to the Dark, to ensure the continuation of existence to the planet, though sacrificing themselves to an eternity in Hell.

Tales from Zilmurik III: Redeeming Legacy - Years pass since the end of "Salvation's Aftermath", and due to their choice of following the Dark (player's choice can kill storyline at second game), the world has been saved. Their family, Salundras, however, is recognized as the descendants of the humans-turned-demons, and are considered as such. Known as the "Kappa Souls", Markus departs from his home in the quest to redeem his family's legacy.

Tales from Zilmurik IV: A Time Once Loved - After Markus' journey, the world is still burdened on both the side of the Light, and of the Dark, to seek for guidance. You follow the quest of a (currently) unnamed warrior as he witnesses the struggle of the humans to revive the goddess Nyfrulia (who dies in the second game), and of the fiends to revive Chaos. The name is fitting as I believe it expresses the feelings of the inhabitants of the world to return to the "Golden Age".

Tales from Zilmurik V: Dawning of a Dragon's Valor - Chaos is once again the overseer of the void, and the sister goddesses are reunited. Chaos hasn't given up on his desire to bring balance to the world, a world in which both humans and demons can coexist, though the goddesses believe this would lead to an endless conflict as the humans typically strike back against those whom they deem evil, or even significantly different than themselves. Chaos realizes that he could not fulfill this task himself, so he brings forth into life Rage, Greed, Fear, Envy, Sorrow, and Malice, his demonic kin. He also recruits Corfaisus, as he finds it necessary to have a human from the world to serve as his last defense should his creations fall.

#12 busterblade123


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Posted 31 March 2010 - 12:37 AM

Even though it's RTP (I'm not complaining) a lot of work has been put into this. Too bad I did not catch it with this from a while ago. I am impressed by your diligent efforts.

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 05:26 PM

It's rather hard to believe that it's been a little over 5 years since I first started working on this game. Through the revisions, I've grown attached to this game the more I work on it, and my abilities grew over time. And it is to commemorate this moment that I share to you a demo that will introduce you to the second world of the game and the dangers that inhabit it.

The demo can be found here: http://rpgmaker.net/...downloads/2013/

Bugs? Go ahead and tell me about them, though most will probably end up being caused by an error in RMtool or some garbage. With the full package flag, there should be no need for the RTP and all files are included. Estimated play time is 25-40 minutes. Enjoy.

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