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Can I find here serious man? :)

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#1 Heatherciz


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Posted 28 May 2021 - 09:55 AM

Hello all, guys! I know, my topic may be too specific for this forum,
But my sister found nice man here and they married, so how about me?! :)

I am 26 years old, Maria, from Romania, know English and Russian languages also
And... I have specific disease, named nymphomania. Who know what is this, can understand me (better to say it immediately)

Ah yes, I cook very tasty! and I love not only cook ;))
Im real girl, not prostitute, and looking for serious and hot relationship...

My photo:

Added later:

Ooops! Seems that photo broken, sorry =(
Anyway, you can find my profile here:

Or write to me via Telegram @Mariaciz

P.S. dada, chaos_baby - dont write to me, trolls! >:-(

#2 Ragnar


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Posted 28 May 2021 - 09:18 PM

seems that photo broken, sorry

#3 chaos_baby


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Posted 01 June 2021 - 09:48 AM

Here's the funniest f*cking thing about all this, I happen to be the most seriously lonely man on the sight. Therefore, by excluding my courtship yoy only sabotage your own interest. Good day... for me.


Btw your Telegram is borked, I sent messages all weekend and it says you didn't open them. Soo wtf.

#4 chaos_baby


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Posted 01 June 2021 - 09:53 AM

To any Hikikomori girls who work for Nintendo. PM me.

#5 Mope


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Posted 09 June 2021 - 11:54 PM

I highly doubt you’re the loneliest dude.

I’m thirty something and never managed to have a relationship over maybe two years, never got to get married or had children. Which at this point I just really wished I had kids. I spent my whole post pubescent adulthood trying not to get some girl pregnant and have kids I couldn’t take care of or would damage just to learn that I am a good dad. Or I was for a little while. And that would’ve been my only chance to actually have a real family, even if I had to do it by myself. It’s love, it’s having people that see you and care about you. I never got to have that. I got two parents that are hateful, dysfunctional shitheads who never should have had children and two brothers that are both addicts and users. I just end up pissing money away trying to help my brothers or just be around other people and they take advantage of me until I have to choose between myself and them.

No woman in her right mind wants a relationship with a sailor who isn’t home every night. I’ve slowly overtime lost all of my friends besides the ones I work with, to which there’s a 15-20 year age difference and 200 mile distance between even the closest one.

The only way for me to really meet women is through tinder. Which is soul crushing because the people on tinder aren’t really the kind of people you’d want to start a fulfilling relationship with.

But I did meet my ex on it. And she was a good person up until I lost her too.

Recently I ended up falling in love with a rich girl Barbie doll pretty. She started talking to me and it wasn’t either of those things that drew me to her. She was just so beautiful; on the inside. Brilliant, compassionate, creative, thoughtful, funny.

She was manic like me, except she had depression too. I told myself it was a bad idea to fall in love with a girl like her but I saw those things in her, saw who she could be if she had a good man to understand her and love her for those things and not the shallow ones.

So I was dumb and I fell. But we lived away from each other and I was gone a lot. I only got to see her a handful of times but we talked all day, everyday.

I spent two years picking this girl up every time she was down, sharing with her and learning, making each other laugh and I really felt like she was my soulmate.

But she was damaged, stubborn and indecisive. Would want me to see her then pull back. Talk about a relationship and then force herself to abstain. She’s get drunk and let some fuckboy douchebag bone her then get infatuated and then get hurt. Over and over again. And I’d call it every single time.

I wanted to cut her out and move on when she did that but she talked me into staying in contact. And all I ever wanted was to love her.

Inevitably she hurt me more and more, the distance ate at me more and more. And I’d wait, I’d keep waiting because I didn’t want anyone else.

Ended up cutting me out. And I don’t know why, never knew why she was so scared of seeing me or trying just to see if it was what I felt it was. I wanted to move just to be near her. Maybe if it worked have a real family cus she had two little ones. I use when I’m off of work because it helps with a multitude of things, that pain from her and the loneliness being one of them.

I even wanted to stop just to be with her. And it was my choice, it was what I wanted to give her. The best parts of myself. And I’ve never felt that way about anyone, ever.

Worst part is I’m definitely not ugly. I’m actually pretty handsome and very fit. I get gawked at when I’m out, even cat called sometimes. I’m very easygoing and understanding. Sweet. Kind. Protective. Very thoughtful and open minded.

You’d think I’d be a catch but IDK. I’ve mostly attracted fucked up women that hurt me and don’t take responsibility for it. The kind that’ll use me to cope with their pain but when they hurt me it’s too much. And I don’t look for that, I don’t have a preference it’s just a kind of cruel luck.

Between that and it just being so hard to meet people I’ve been alone for about 3 years now. I don’t think normal people have to live like that. I really don’t think anyone does.

I get very very very depressed. And I won’t say suicidal but I don’t want to be around a lot of the time. And when you have an inherently dangerous job that is not a good combination.

It’s not just loneliness though, it’s not really having anyone. Feeling unwanted and unseen. Knowing not only is there nothing wrong with me (IE: Abusive, insensitive, shallow etc..) but I’m a good person. I’m a kind of man that’s rare to find nowadays. And I try, I try fucking hard. Not that I’m a simp or anything that’s just how I define myself in being with women. By being good to them, earning their love and affection.

So that part fucks me up the worst. Is the hardest to reconcile. And I’ve found myself lately getting very bitter, cold, ridden with pain. Feeling like I’m dying from the inside out.

So no my dude, I don’t think you’re the loneliest

I don’t even think old abandoned people in nursing homes with dementia are as lonely as I am. Because they got to make memories and live, my window is slowly slipping away and I never did.

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