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First Evolution: The Burning Crusade Classic

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Posted 12 July 2021 - 08:52 AM

Last week, Blizzard announced the official launch of the Burning Crusade Classic Beta and we can take the first step back to Draenor. Starting the beta now was a surprise as they only announced the BCC during BlizzConline in February. I didn't think we'd see the beta until April at the earliest. I'm glad I was wrong though, as it gives Blizzard more time to get everything in place before it goes live. Since I didn't want to waste any time, I jumped in and tried it out myself.
Currently in the BCC beta, players can copy their character from Classic or create a template character that starts at level 58 with standard equipment. Each template character also has a useful backpack that includes some food and water, some spare equipment, and a mount. The kit is decent enough, although it doesn't quite cover all of the bases. As a druid who likes to be wild, some of the equipment was not that useful to me. However, one of the perks was that by completing quests in Hellfire Peninsula, I quickly received rewards that better suited my chosen play style.
One of the changes I initially forgot from Vanilla to BC was how much the talent trees have changed for certain professions. Obviously more rows have been added as ten levels have been added to the game. However, some talents have been moved to other trees, while others have either been removed or the way they work has been changed. For example, in Classic, wild druids often wanted to put some points on balance for Innate Weapon and Clear Omen. In BCC, however, the talent "Talented Weapon" has been reworked to "Focused Starlight", which wild druids will not want. Also, Clear Omen is now in the recovery tree (and has been slightly redesigned). There are a lot of other changes behind the scenes, but the changes to the talent tree surprised me a little.
As much as I'd love to go straight to the pre-patch content to relive the whole "in BC" experience, I wasn't surprised that it was inactive. Instead, I appeared in front of the Dark Gate, and after a brief chat with Watch Commander Rathorn Netherwynn, I was on my way through the gate. I'm not entirely convinced that this is the right choice for level 58. As I mentioned earlier, this was a quick way to get great gear, but the level difference in the quests can be painful at times. Also, I saw a lot of quests that I couldn't complete due to my level, which made me feel like I wasn't making the most of my time. I'll have to take a closer look at things as we get closer to launch, but right now I'm not sure if going through the Dark Gate at level 58 is the best option.
I have to say that my first steps back to Hellfire Peninsula were a lot more exciting than I thought. I always remembered Hellfire Peninsula as red, with lots of wild boars that were kind of headless, a place I always wanted to leave as soon as possible. Surprisingly, for once, I enjoyed exploring the area and taking in the landscape. Even if all creatures were dangerous to me, I had a great time wandering around. Even the few players I have met seem to continue the classic mentality. At one point I accidentally pissed off more orcs than I expected and was about to die. Another druid happened to come by and healed me and helped kill her. That was great and saved me from turning around and possibly being attacked again.
I haven't had too many problems so far, although I can complete a quest over and over and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be able to. I think this mission should become a daily mission when done. But maybe it isn't. Anyway, that's the only problem I've had so far. I'm sure more bugs will crop up as the beta continues and more players join. I can't wait to spend more time on the beta.
Is there anything in particular that I should watch in the beta? Is there anything that you are curious about that has not yet been discussed? Also, please keep in mind that the beta does not have a key. If you are granted access, you will receive an email (you don't have to do anything with it. And you can always buy wow tbc gold from SSE Gold with cheap price and safe delivery!

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